A classroom in-a-box for teaching computer science.

CodeCombat is a platform for students to learn computer science while playing through a real game.

Our courses have been specifically playtested to excel in the classroom, even for teachers with little to no prior programming experience.

Watch how CodeCombat is transforming the way people learn computer science.

Designed with teachers in mind

Real, typed code
from the first level

Getting students to typed code as quickly as possible is critical to learning programming syntax and proper structure.

Educator resources
and course guides

Teaching computer science does not require a costly degree, because we provide tools to support educators of all backgrounds.

Accessible to

Democratizing the process of learning coding is at the core of our philosophy. Everyone should be able to learn to code.

I think they actually forgot that they were actually learning something.

Tim Maki
Director of Technology, Tilton School

Coding is something I've always wanted to do, and I never thought I would be able to learn it in school.

3rd Grader

Why is learning through games important?

Games reward the productive struggle.

Gaming is a medium that encourages interaction, discovery, and trial-and-error. A good game challenges the player to master skills over time, which is the same critical process students go through as they learn.

Games excel at rewardingproductive struggle” -the kind of struggle that results in learning that’s engaging andmotivating,not tedious.

Studies suggest gaming is good for children’s brains. (it’s true!)

When game-based learning systems arecomparedagainst conventional assessment methods, the difference is clear: games are better at helping students retain knowledge, concentrate andperform at a higher level of achievement.

Games also provide real-time feedback that allows students to adjust their solution path and understand concepts more holistically, instead of being limited to just “correct” or “incorrect” answers.

A real game, played with real coding.

A great game is more than just badges and achievements - it’s about a player’s journey, well-designed puzzles, and the ability to tackle challenges with agency and confidence.

CodeCombat is a game that gives players that agency and confidence with our robust typed code engine, which helps beginner and advanced students alike write proper, valid code.

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Boasts riddles that are complex enough to fascinate gamers and coders alike.

Open Source

A winning combination of RPG gameplay and programming homework that pulls off making kid-friendly education legitimately enjoyable.

PC Mag

Everything you need to run a computer science class in your school today, no CS background required.